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GODZone Chapter 8 Canterbury

GODZone is an annual, multi-day, non-stop, expedition-style adventure race held in New Zealand each year. The event is the largest expedition-length adventure race in the world and widely regarded as the best.

The next installment of GODZone will be known as Chapter 8 – Canterbury. The host venue will be the stunning, coastal town of Akaroa, located on the Banks Peninsula.

Whilst GODZone is a race, it is also a journey and adventure, with teams traversing some of New Zealand’s most stunning landscapes with a logical pathway from start to finish. Teams will navigate, trek, mountain bike, kayak, canoe and raft over a vast array of different landscapes. GODZone will test the mental and physical skills of participants as well as other factors such as team work and emotional stress. The route will be highly demanding both technically and physically, testing teams in many different ways. Teams taking on GODZone are expected to travel day and night. Decisions to rest and sleep are left solely to the discretion of the teams themselves. It is anticipated that the winning teams for the GZ Pure, GZ Pursuit and GZ Prime events at Chapter 8 – Canterbury will take approximately 3-4 days to finish. Teams may be allowed to take as many as 7 days to complete the GZ Pure, GZ Pursuit and GZ Prime events.

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GODZone Chapter 8 Canterbury
Distinction Christchurch HotelGODZone Chapter 8 Canterbury
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