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Distinction Hotels NZ Sustainability Policy

The Distinction Hotels Group NZ supports the Tiaki Promise, a commitment to care for New Zealand, for now and for future generations.

Not only have Distinction Hotels made a commitment to continually improve the environmental performance of its business operations, it has also made a commitment to improve the environmental awareness (EA) of its staff and where possible, the local community.

We have a commitment to comply with relevant environmental, public and occupational health and safety, hygiene and employment legislation and any other applicable legislation and requirements and to be known as a good employer.

An Environmental Awareness Committee has been established to implement an Action Plan, including:
  • Establishing a framework to record relevant measures, this includes water, gas and electricity consumption and waste produced.
  • Assessment of the above and the subsequent reviewing of hotel practices, to reduce energy consumption and wastage.
  • The introduction and ongoing maintenance of a recycling policy.
  • Evaluation of suppliers products, services and business practices.
  • Current suppliers will be evaluated for their commitment to the environment, and their ability to provide environmentally friendly products. We are committed to using suppliers who are like minded.
  • Caring for our staff.
  • Providing a safe and healthy working environment that supports individual development, team-working, positive work–life balance, and job satisfaction.
  • Ensuring that staff are part of ongoing dialogue about our sustainability.
  • Encouraging staff to walk or use public transport both to and from work and in other aspects of their life.
  • To lead and participate in environmental community activities including beach, park and reserve pollution removal schemes.
Special consideration will be given to employing and empowering the local staff and wherever efficient and environmentally sustainable products and services will be sourced locally.

We encourage staff to present our commitment to environmental and social sustainability to our guests, suppliers, contractors, agents and wholesalers.

We have appointed Duncan Fletcher as the Coordinator, who has responsibility for ensuring ongoing environmental performance, identification of environmental risks, recording and monitoring of impacts and implementing environmental and social sustainability measures.

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